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Photography = <3 iIsn't something you take for granted, its's something that your eyes see as beautiful and an expression of art.
Every photo has a story, a feeling, and a purpose.

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Spent my day off on a good note! This summer block party in The Village at Leesburg was just amazing! Had a blast catching up with an old friend since middle school!😁👍 #SummerBlockParty #Summer2014 #Fun #Party (at Village at Leesburg)

As of right now, I’m at the point in my life where stress revolves around my life.  Honestly, it doesn’t seem like it on the outside, but on the inside it’s very much true.  I’m a perfectionist by heart; everything has to be perfect for me, for others so that happiness & balance can be achieved.  Maybe that’s the source of my stress, or maybe it’s the future expectation?  So many reasons so little time.  But I know for a fact I’m at the point where everything is a roller coaster ride.

Tonight I shall be dining well with this amazing meal! Bulgogi Bibimbap is calling my name 😋 #FoodPorn #NomNom #KoreanFood
Summer 2014

My summer so far has been so grateful! Working as a pool manager this year is the most rewarding job I could have ever asked for! Yes, it’s a laid back job but the responsibilities are endless.  I don’t take the job for granted that’s for sure.  All that hard work & long weekly hours turned out to be worth it!  That paycheck always comes in fat as anything! Very thankful for this job & very blessed of the hard earned reward.

Gosh, today&#8217;s adventures w/ Sam &amp; Megan was the highlight of my week! Thank you to these beautiful women for a great day! 😁👍 #BestFriend #GoodDay #OutAndAbout #Summer2014
Had an amazing time shooting pictures with these 2 vintage Pentax film cameras! Truly a remarkable piece of photography history! 📷#Cameras #Pentax #Throwback #Vintage
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